Project description


Temporary artistic interventions in the Berlin district of Neukölln

April—November 2008

As part of the “space thinks” series, eight artists will carry out temporary artistic interventions in urban public spaces in the Berlin district of Neukölln between April and November, 2008. These works will deal with the many-faceted contexts offered by the neighbourhoods where the interventions will take place. The projects will be informed by the concept of “spacing” in urban and spatial sociology: According to “spacing”, the make-up and identity of any given space depends very much on the group (or “community”) that perceives and inhabits the space and also on the nature of the relationships between the various groups present in the space.

“space thinks” consciously avoids interventions with a single focal point such as sculpture pieces, and will concentrate instead on our increasingly ‘event-dominated’ urban spaces: The artists’ temporary interventions will not attempt to draw attention to themselves, but will rather try to deal with the contexts offered by real, functioning neighbourhoods and with the living conditions and lifestyles of the inhabitants of these neighbourhoods.